Monday, June 17, 2013

Janet Chin Recall Does Not Qualify

On May 2, 2013, 4866 signatures were turned in to the Los Angeles County Registrar Recorder's Office. In order to force a Recall Election, 3856 signatures needed to be found sufficient. The final tally was 206 signatures short.

The results of the signature verification are as follows:
  • Number of signatures filed  4,866
  • Number of signatures verified 4,866
  • Number of signatures found sufficient 3,650
  • Number of signatures found not sufficient 1,216
  • Not Sufficient because duplicate 105
The Garvey Education Association and the Garvey School District Resident's Committee to Recall Janet Chin thank everyone who worked in the petition gathering drive. 

While it is disappointing that the Recall Election will not happen, the groundwork has been set for the November Election in which both John Yuen and Tony Ramos are up for possible reelection. Bob Bruesch is also up for reelection in November.

We spread the word throughout the District about the Superintendent and the Board majority. We need to keep the message fresh in the minds of the voters until November.

Your work is both appreciated and not in vain.

To help place this in perspective, 18.9% of the voters in the Garvey School District signed the petition to recall Janet Chin. That is 3650 registered voters. In November 2011 Janet won a seat on the Garvey School Board by getting 790 votes.

The electorate is better educated and their voice will be heard this November.